Counterfeit Detectors


Since the 1860, the struggle for the elimination of fake money has been consistent for many centuries. During these times, the Secret Service was established to put a halt to the counterfeit crisis in the United States. It was revealed that more than half of the money that was circulated was counterfeit.

For the new modern technology, experts have redesigned and upgraded the counterfeit security features that are intended to assist to make the counterfeit detection process much easier for today’s technology. However, many businesses remain hesitant to accept or act in accordance with UV security screening process, mainly because it requires a majority of the transactions to be conducted by employees.

badguyWith some business, it particularly depends on the training most employees   endure. Some employees manually detect, but because of lack of training, it is very liable that many counterfeit bills can go unnoticed. Hence, manual detection can be time-consuming and sometimes difficult for untrained employees to detect counterfeit money.

Even after business convert to the counterfeit detector process, there is still a chance that after the counterfeit detection process, counterfeit bills can still undergo the counterfeit machine process. Moreover, with the proper training the counterfeit detector is the effective way for most businesses to go. It is recommended for business to choose the counterfeit machine as it will dramatically decrease the risk of fraud and protect your business.

Counterfeit Detector Machines

There is a variety of counterfeit machines to assist in enhancing your business revenue and at the same time decrease risk to false currency. From iTestCash, manual  counterfeit detector machines are full equipped with an ultraviolet counterfeit detection, watermark, magnetic detection, and micro printing magnification. The automatic do it yourself counterfeit machines prevent the need to visually screen the bills that come into your business.

Benefits of the Counterfeit Detector Machines

Counterfeit money is a form of cheating and stealing currency to paydetector for products and services. Moreover, any business that deals with daily cash transactions can endure threats of counterfeit bills. Most of these businesses are businesses in the bank, retail stores, grocery, and stock industry and may hold threats of receiving fraudulent money through consistent transactions. Even with the manual screening process, it can be time-consuming and a overall tedious process that may cause businesses to lose revenue. However, there is a variety of benefits when businesses chose to utilize the counterfeit machines such as:

- Increase in your businesses revenue
- Saves your business and employees time
- Efficient and reliable of counterfeit machines
- Secure and quality protection for your business
- Safe and confident flow and function of your business
- Elimination of fraudulent bills flowing into your business

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